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Middle-Eastern Girard Chicken, Lamb $$$
Mediterranean Grill & Lounge. Ask about our catering menu.

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Austintown has a new Oasis.

If you need a quiet place to get away and looking for something new, check out Goodies Mediterranean Grill & Lounge in Austintown. The minute you walk in you won't want to leave. A spacious bar sits at the entrance for casual seating but through a small archway is a beautiful and inviting dining room with large booths and cozy tables. It's warm and casual while having a sophisticated elegance.

The menu is full of Mediterranean fare, I couldn't wait to try everything. Every dish looks beautiful and the portions are large. I get the feeling that Goodie's wants you to leave happy and full.

I started off with Goodies Vegetarian Combo. A huge, colorful platter of food with enough to share with a few friends. It's a sampling of favorites; Hummos, Tabouli, Baba, Falaffel, Grape Leaves, Loubie Bzeit and Okra Bzeit. Some of these I've had before and some for the first time. Love these grape leaves. Little cigar shaped rice filled grape leaves. I couldn't stop eating them. In my opinion, the best Mediterranean finger food. If you've never had Falaffel, you must try it at Goodies. The outside has such a great crunch and the filling is so good. The spices are spot on with this one. The Loubie and Okra Bzeit I had never heard of and wasn't sure it was something I would like. Let me tell you, they are both delicious. Loubie is simply green beans and okra, of course, most people say they don't like it but have never tried it. It's a must try at Goodies. Both vegetables are sauteed with onions, garlic and spices then a wonderful chunky tomato sauce is added. You won't find these flavors anywhere, it's so unique and so yummy. Try this platter if you're someone who wants to try a little bit of everything. You won't be disappointed.

Goodies has several salads to choose from but the Fattoush is one of my favorites. Mixed greens and Lebanese salata are lightly dressed with a lemon, garlic and herb dressing with crunchy pita chips on the side to get every drop. Add chicken and you're got yourself a complete meal.

Most people, when they think of Mediterranean food, may think of Kabobs. Goodies has a variety and I tried a few on the Combination Kabob Platter. Again, a dish with enough food to share. Three kabobs; one beef, one lamb and one chicken, plus a Kafta kabob all served on a bed of rice. The chunks of beef, lamb and chicken are skewered with red peppers and onion, grilled just right and the seasoned ground beef and lamb Kafta kabob with all that flavor makes for a very satisfying dish. If you like kabobs but can't decide on chicken, beef or lamb, Goodies serves it all in one dish.

Goodies is open for lunch and there's one thing on the menu that I could eat every day and with a variety to choose from I know I would never get tired of eating them. Rolled Pitas. Over a dozen to choose from, filled with everything from kabobs and salmon to falaffel and grape leaves, Goodies has a pita for everyone. For a great mix, try the Shawarma Pita. A large pita is filled with lamb and beef strips, greens, tomato, onion, pickles, parsley and tahini dressing. It's all rolled up and grilled and it's so good. It's the perfect amount of pita and filling with a wonderful sauce and it will fill you up. I loved this rolled pita. I think next time I may try the Gyro Pita, or the Veggie Grape Leaf Pita. But the Baba Falaffel sounds really good. Like I said, there are seven days in a week and lucky for me, Goodies has a different Pita Roll for every day.

Goodies is a place for comfortable dining while enjoying comfort food in a whole new way. New flavors, new spices, new textures. Everything from the hummus to the fattoush, kibbie to kabobs, the name says it all: Goodies.