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Featuring authentic Italian food that's beyond amazing. Choose from many specialty pasta dishes along with a variety of chicken, veal and steak dishes. Fresh baked pizza, burgers, calzones and Stromboli's. If light eating is what you desire then check out our sandwich and appetizer menu along with a number of salads and homemade soups. Full children's menu available also.

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Salvatore's: The Taste of Italy that everyone loves.

The minute you walk into Salvatore's in Austintown, there will be no doubt in your mind that you're in an Italian restaurant. The smell of fresh sauce permeates the air awakening all your senses.

I was greeted by owner/chef Michele Carannante and wife Rosaria who have partnered with Michele Lucignano and his wife Rachele to create an amazing menu that will keep you coming back again and again. As Michele prepared my table I looked over the menu. Every kind of imaginable dish, more pasta dishes then I've ever seen on a menu, steak, chicken, veal, pizza, burgers and more. The more part is daily lunch and dinners specials featuring items not on the regular menu. My mouth watering, I can only wait with hungry anticipation to find out what Michele will prepare for me today.

Every meal starts with a basket of homemade rolls and pizza bread. The round rolls are warm and soft and the pizza bread is a square of thick dough topped with pizza sauce and a sprinkle of romano cheese. It's delicious and very addictive.

Michele tells me "everything here is fresh. No pre-chopped vegetables, homemade pasta, sauces made to order." "My grandpa always told me 'something for you means got to be the best'" In other words, it has to be good for Michele or it's not good enough for the customer. Take for example the Penne Alla Vodka. This has been a favorite dish of mine for a long time and I've now found the place that serves it well. A big bowl of penne pasta with sauce in every bite and more for dipping. A light tomato cream sauce with bits of prosciutto and onion and of course vodka. I love penne pasta because it's easy to eat. I stick my fork in the open end of the perfect al dente pasta, sometimes picking two at a time, enjoying every bite of this dish. At Salvatore's the sauce is made in one pan and then the pasta is added and sautéed together so each one of the pasta tubes gets not only coated with sauce but filled full as well. Another similar dish I tried was the Cavatelli Portobello. Wonderful, homemade cavatelli, sautéed portobello mushrooms, broccoli, chicken and shrimp in a blush cream vodka sauce. Same great flavors as the Penne but with the added extras that take this dish above and beyond.

I asked Michele what his favorite dish is. "Linguini Anacapri. It's a seafood explosion. Clams, mussels, calamari, mussels. I'm from Naples so I love seafood." I love seafood too so I was thrilled when Rosaria brought out a dish called Scallop and Shrimp Asiago. It looked amazing, smelled wonderful and I couldn't wait to try it. Scallops and jumbo shrimp are sautéed with a delicious Asiago sauce. Chunks of fresh tomato and herbs, garlic and spinach blended together to create a packed with flavor tomato sauce then topped with shredded Asiago cheese. The scallops are amazing, the shrimp delicious. This dish has so many flavors that work well together creating a dish that I will order again.

After trying three dishes, I am so pleased that I've finally found a chef that seasons their food well and I thanked Michele for doing that. Perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned, I couldn't wait to try more and being the wonderful host that he is, Michele moves a steak dish in front of me and insists I try it before it gets cold. Another beautiful plate of food. A thick steak medallion is wrapped in bacon and topped with a generous portion of gorgonzola asme standards cheese. If that weren't enough, more steak is sliced on the side, all cooked to a wonderful medium-rare, served with sautéed red peppers, onions and portobello mushrooms. I cut into the center and the cheese just oozes into the juicy filet. Oh my. Nothing more to say other than "delicious". Juicy, tender, well seasoned, and the vegetables just take this dish over the top.

Another dish loaded with cheese is next. Chicken Alla Salvatore's. This one is the Italian flag on a plate. A beautiful red sauce with fresh green spinach surrounding a grilled, boneless chicken breast that's complete covered in white mozzarella cheese. And I do mean completely covered. Awesome. The chicken is moist and tender but it's all that cheese that I love so much.

How could so many things be this good? It comes with years of practice and good teachers. Michele tells me he began cooking at 8 years old when he would watch his mother in the kitchen making eggplant. He goes on to tell me how they would layer the cooked slices of eggplant with sauce and cheese just like a lasagna. It sounds amazing and I love the gleam in his eyes as he reminisces. Michele tells me you can never stop learning so he and his family go back to Italy a few times a year and I can only imagine him once again in the kitchen next to his mother still learning how to make great Italian food.

I was about to burst and didn't think I could eat another bite but I still continued nibbling from plate to plate when Michele asked if I would like to try a dessert. I had a hard time laying down my fork but I was definitely up for trying dessert. With food this good I would be happy if the dessert was half as good. Rosaria brings out a beautiful lemon dessert; Limoncello Mascarpone. It looked beautiful but it's all about the taste. I picked up the spoon, cut into the spongy lemon yellow layer cake and took a big bite. The mascarpone filling is creamy and just the right sweetness to contrast the tartness of the lemon. Shaved white chocolate on the top adds some texture making this dessert heaven on a plate. Even after eating five amazing dishes, I was able to find room for dessert. Not just one bite, I actually managed to eat the entire piece of cake. So yes, the desserts are as good as the food.

The Carannantes were gracious hosts and I enjoyed talking with them both about their lives, their family, their restaurant and their amazing food. My visit at Salvatore's was one I won't forget for a long time. Within minutes of talking with them, I felt like we'd been friends forever. Within minutes of leaving, I knew that I would be friends forever. It's impossible for me to pick my favorite dish. Each had it's own unique taste but all had that Salvatore's taste; the taste of fresh, the taste of excellence, the taste of Italy.