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If it's authentic Middle Eastern cuisine you are looking for, you will not only find the authentic cuisine at Zenobia but the atmosphere and entertainment. We take great pride in providing you with the most amazing dining experience. With our decor, food and entertainment you will think that you have traveled half-way around the world. Our menus are not only comprised of kababs, but a full menu of the Middle Eastern favorites. Please feel free to browse through our web site and see why Zenobia needs to be your next destination of a unique dining experience.

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Jim, North Carorlina
Awesome Food - Authentic subtle spices allow the flavor of the meats and veggies to come through. Bravo!
Alan, Boardman
Best Middle Eastern food in the valley, it's a must.
Charlie, Boardman
It's the place for excellent mediterrainian food, best in valley.
Jason, Canfield
Hooked! The best food around. Very good food and affordable pricing.
Jim, Boardman
Fantastic food, beautiful women and friendly atmosphere. They treat you like family!

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Welcome to Zenobia, where authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine meets the inviting atmosphere of a friend's dining room.

Zenobia Middle Eastern Cuisine, located at 584 E. Main St., Canfield, offers an array of homemade Middle Eastern appetizers, entrees and desserts, in a cozy, quaint atmosphere. The owner and servers greet you with open arms and make you feel like family.

Owner Izdihar Mansour and her family moved to America from Syria in 1997. Last year, she opened Zenobia in order to bring the freshness and originality of her native cooking to an up-and-coming area where she saw an audience who would be open to trying new things.

Her idea has been well received since she opened, and boasts that she has regular customers who travel from areas such as Pittsburgh and Butler, Pa., weekly to enjoy her cooking.

Her secrets? Well, she won't tell you most of them, but she will share one very important fact: freshness is her No. 1 priority. She says the majority of her ingredients are as fresh and natural as possible because you can't beat the flavor or nutrients of a fresh meat or vegetable.

Start off with an appetizer or two and a cup of Arabic Tea. Already sweetened, this strong tea is complemented with a hint of cinnamon and gently welcomes you into the environment.

As an appetizer, choose either the Grilled Asparagus or the Arabic Sausage. The asparagus is cooked similar to lamb-on-the-rod, with fresh garlic until it is warm and tender. It is then displayed on a circular dish and dressed with a pomegranate dressing. It's the perfect appetizer to share with a loved-one who won't eat their vegetables.

The sausage is a mix of beef and lamb and saut�ed to perfection. It is also drizzled with the pomegranate dressing, which adds a sweet kick to a mystifyingly familiar American favorite.

For a salad, choose either the Artichoke Mixed Salad or the Fattoush Salad. The Artichoke Mixed Salad is a light combination of hearty favorites, including artichokes, mushrooms and hearts of palm. It is mixed with tomato, pepper and parsley and tossed in a lemon, garlic and oil dressing.

The Fattoush Salad is a must-order for any salad lover. Spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley make up the majority of this salad. It is also tossed in the lemon, garlic and oil, but topped with Syrian spices and fried pita chips. You can also make it a satisfying meal by adding either grilled chicken or lamb to the salad. It's light and fresh, perfect for a summer lunch on the full-service patio.

For an entr�e, either the Chicken over Rice or Lamb over Rice will satisfy even the largest appetites. Generous portions of grilled chicken or lamb, saut�ed with mushrooms, onions and peppers, rest on a bed of rice and are served with homemade pepper and garlic sauces.

Either choice has its own distinct, tasty qualities, order both with a friend and share them. Make it an evening by pairing wine; the lamb with a glass of Ksara red and the chicken with a glass of Ksara white.

No Middle Eastern dining experience would be complete without certain favorites. The Kibbee, Grape Leaves and Baba Ghannouj are perfect for tasting, sharing and savoring. These dishes are the perfect accompaniment to any of Zenobia's entrees.

Zenobia offers beer and wine with a variety of options. A carryout and children's menu are also available. Family style meals may be served by request, and Izdihar loves helping and suggesting items to make your dining experience memorable.

If you're looking for a short get-a-way to a far away land, look no further than Zenobia Middle Eastern Cuisine, where you're always treated like family.

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