Great food is closer than you think.

A good choice at Shale Tavern & Grille is the Tavern Beef with Smashed Redskin Potatoes. The minute Valerie placed this dish in front of me my eyes lit up as I looked up at her. "Like it's been cooking all day", she said. That's exactly what it was. If your grandma ever made beef stew that you loved, well, grandma, there's a new stew in town. The beef is so tender you can't keep it on your fork, baby carrots, onion and celery all cooked in a delicious, yet simple, au jus. There is so much flavor packed into this dish, it's absolutely melt-in-your-mouth amazing. It's served up with a generous portion of smashed redskin potatoes and a side salad. You won't go home hungry after eating this dish, if you can actually finish it.